Urban Disorder  Paris version 2010

Work in progress/commando festival from the 17th to the 22nd   May

Urban Disorder, the performance festival , will be held within the limits of the 20th and 11th districts, running along the metro line number 2


We will be questioning borders which are  visible and invisible, concrete as well as in the mind: social, architectural, urban and historical frontiers in this area.  In fact, 150 years ago there was a farmer’s wall which was destroyed,  thereby enlarging Paris, founding the 20th district and beginning a new era in Paris

This week of performances is organized by the Marseille group of performers, Ornic’art.  They did a  poetic and subversive exploration of the area before the arrival of  the invited artists.

About 30 French and international artists will perform     Urban Disorder is also a stopover of the itinerant European performance festival “Diverse Universe” which as a group and individually will trouble, disorganize the town and its daily routines, its citizens  habits and its social relations




  • From the 17th to the 21st / WORK IN PROGRESS in the streets  from Belleville to Philippe Auguste


Five days of individual and collective experimenting in the area that goes form P. Auguste to Belleville (metre line 2)

As the days go by the artists are free to intervene in the daily routine of this neighborhood.

Through chance meetings in the streets you can observe them, accompany them avoid them, ask them questions and ask yourself questions.


There are five different forms of explorations.

- “Public Camping Grounds”

Several performances question what is visible or invisible, what is present or absent: Suicide Agency in Public Space, Redlight House  Infinite Zone, The woman Without a Past, The New Society of Urban Pleasure……..

-  “Crossings”

Every evening at 6:30PM an artiste will perform along rue jean-Pierre Tibmaud

- “Troubling Guided Visits”

A new look at the city:  A Part of a  Road, Happy Life, Radar Blueprint, The Sleeper

- “Accidents Along the Way”

Performances having to do with the fire in the metro line 2 in 1903:  Quarrels, Ghetto Marathons

 - “Party Times”

There will be parties on different squares in Belleville, Ménilmontant, and Gambetta



  • Wednesday 19 May to 7PM to 9PMH / MEETING

Maison des Métallos  94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud   metro Couronnes

A performance will take place every evening in this street at 6:30PM

This will be a meeting where the artists who have performed in this street will talk about their experiences; there will be someone from the city who will talk about public order


  • Thursday 20 May  from 7PM to 9PM /  MEETING

Confluences  190 bd de  Charonne  métro A. Dumas or P. Auguste

Julien Bargeton a deputy at the Paris City Hall will talk about what he thinks about public order with the performers and people who have come to participate


  • Friday 21 May  as of 8PM   / INSOMNIA WARNING at Confluences

A night of performance where the artists will perform individually or in a group   outside and inside

8 PM to  3 AM


  • Saturday 22 May   from 11AM to 9PM / CONSTRUCTION SITE WARNING

In all the streets along the metro line no 2

The results of a week of research, creations in situ

During the evening we will relive the festival in images and meet the artists at TRACES 24 rue Ramponeau   metro Belleville  as of 8:30PM